Kamari Blue Ride expands its SUP-related activities by offering SUP yoga classes for beginners that are accessible to all. Our certified yoga instructor, Maria, guides small groups of up to 8 people through a healing journey on a floating mat.

Whether you want to try SUP yoga for the first time, expand your regular yoga practice, or even enrich your daily routine with meditation, Kamari Blue Ride offers flexible sessions of this highly popular, hybrid form of yoga with unique benefits for the body and the mind.

Practiced on the water, our sessions combine the healing energy of nature with the restorative power of yoga. Early in the morning or at sunset, Agia Fotini beach turns into an enthralling place that resembles a tranquil lake. These are the best moments to balance on your inflatable board and start focusing on the present moment.


For equipment rentals and enquiries on our SUP yoga offers, drop us a line or come find us at Agia Fotini beach.