Enjoy the water while doing some exercise with Kamari Blue Ride’s top-notch RTM canoe-kayak boats. Strengthen your arms, activate your body and immerse yourself in nature while paddling across the serene Agia Fotini beach, whose ideal weather conditions provide a safe and protected environment for this activity, sheltered from waves and currents.

From Agia Fotini, you can also cross over to the nearby Kalikatsou beach to the north which cannot be accessed by car, or head south to neighboring Monolia beach. For the initiated ones, paddle further north, towards Kerameia, a spectacular industrial complex from the 1920s that stands abandoned close to the shore. The former factory is deeply rooted in Chios’ cultural heritage and, until today, the locals pass on fabulous stories of its glory days.

With Kamari Blue Ride, canoe goes beyond a fun summer activity to become a portal to discovery and exploration. Our team member Nikos, will be on site to give you tips and guidance. Join the fun, rent a canoe-kayak today.



SUP is short for standup paddleboarding and whether you’ve heard of this viral trend before or not, with Kamari Blue Ride you can explore all the alternatives that this inclusive and safe activity has to offer to people of all ages, no matter if you’re beginner or advanced.

Rent out one of our prime boards and enjoy the tranquil waters of Agia Fotini, or reach to the nearby Kalikatsou and Monolia beaches. For all you thrill seekers out there, downwind when the weather allows and get an adrenaline rush. Organized SUP crossings are also available for small groups of advanced surfers. Arrive at Katarraktis coastal village and rest in one of the many delicious fish tavernas, or paddle to the spectacular Vokaria beach with its crystal-clear, turquoise waters. A rescue boat will be with you throughout the crossing and a pick-up by car will be arranged for you from the final destinations back to Agia Fotini.

From dawn to dusk, rent one of our surfboards that are carefully designed and crafted by the innovative Greek company Cohete, and feel part of the fast-growing surf community