SUP, Sea Kayak-Canoe and Pedalo Rentals

The rental period will start at the time at which the equipment is given to the customer until the time it is checked back into the center, irrespective of wind or weather conditions.

All equipment should be checked by you prior to use for damages. 

Please notify Kamari Blue Ride crew immediately in the case of any damages or loss to our equipment. If damage or loss occur the person who rented the equipment will be liable for repair or replacement cost at our invoice price.

No equipment will be rented for use outside of Agia Fotini bay (more than 500m from the shore) without consent of the centre manager.

No equipment should be taken away from centre without consent of the centre manager.

All occupants must wear life jackets. 

All occupants renting any SUP, Sea Kayak, Canoe or Pedalo Equipment should know and respect beach rules, and the Greek law set by 2131.4/90224/2022 ministerial decree regarding the use of them.

In renting equipment from Kamari Blue Ride you agree to comply with the above requirements and to abide with the beach rules at Agia Fotini beach.

Kamari Blue Ride is not liable for any legal charges against all customers  that are renting material (eg from Port Police). 


In order for a minor under 18 to rent a sea – kayak, a written certification from the guardian that the minor knows to swim is required.   

In order for a minor under 15 to rent a pedalo, a written certification from the guardian that the minor knows to swim is required. The minor should be accompanied by an adult. 

Should not fend off more than 100m from the shore.

All minors must wear life jackets. 

Rescue boat

The rescue boat is exactly that and is for emergencies only. 

  • 1st rescue is included in the price of rental, however each subsequent rescue will be charged at 10 euros per rescue.

Dive Center rules – MySSI system web based and mobile app use

You are welcome to use the SSIDive website and dive center based on the Terms and Conditions that are described at the following link: 

Terms and Conditions are liable to change annually, without notice. 

If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or a part of them, please refrain from using the website. 

These standards apply to all SSI programs unless otherwise specified in program-specific training standards.

Insurance & loss, theft and damage

Guests are responsible for taking out adequate insurance cover for their diving activities and equipment.

KamariBlueRide is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any personal items. Furthermore, KamariBlueRide is not responsible for dive equipment stored in their facilities or vehicles as the service is offered in good faith. All guests are encouraged to take out travel insurance for this purpose.

Rental Dive Equipment 

Though every effort is made to ensure our equipment is proper working order and fit for purpose, it is the responsibility of each diver to check their equipment prior to its use. Customers are fully responsible for any KamariBlueRide equipment they use and will be charged full replacement cost for any dive equipment or dive center equipment lost or damaged. Please ensure equipment is logged in and out, and taken care of. 


weights 5 EUR/kg

mask 45 EUR

weight belt 12 EUR


regulator 300 EUR

fins 80 EUR

long wetsuit 150 EUR

short wetsuit 100 EUR

snorkel 10 EUR

computer 290 EUR

other POA


There is a 50 EUR service charge if the cylinder is returned with less than 20 Bar. 

Unaccompanied  Minors 

Parents wishing to dive separately from their minor children may be required to pay for private guiding/instruction for the unaccompanied minor. 


All SSI course materials must be paid at time of purchase, all other services and purchases may be paid at the end of your holiday. In some cases during peak periods, a non-refundable 20% deposit may be required to secure a booking. 

Terms and Conditions for a day charter without overnight stay

1. Rental price.

Includes VAT, insurance, fuel, skipper and final cleaning.


2.Itinerary, boarding and use of the boat.

The itinerary will be proposed by the lessee, although it will be conditioned to, in the sole judgment of the skipper, be feasible depending on sea conditions and weather forecast, as well as the duration of the trip.
Boarding shall take place at a date, time and place agreed upon by KamariBlueRide and the lessee.

3. Damages, damages and losses produced during the rental.

a. If during the rental period damages or damages not attributable to the skipper occur, the lessee and the passengers are obliged to notify the skipper.

b. The lessee and the passengers will be responsible for any damage, damage or loss caused during the rental of the boat and must pay the amount necessary to cover them.

4. Cancellation

a. KamariBlueRide may unilaterally terminate this contract without any refund or compensation to the lessee or other passengers for this cancellation when:

  • The vessel is intended to be used for purposes other than those for which it is intended;

  • For the breach of any of the payments;

  • For breach of any of the terms of this contract;

  • For the subletting of the vessel without the written consent of KamariBlueRide.

b. The lessor may cancel the present contract with the return of the totality of the amounts received up to that moment, and without the lessee or the other passengers being entitled to any compensation whatsoever for this cancellation.


c. The costs charged to the lessee for early cancellation shall be:

  • 20% of the total rental if the cancellation is before 60 days of embarkation.

  • 40% if it is between 30 and 60 days prior to embarkation.

  • 50% if it is between 30 and 15 days prior to boarding.

  • 100% if it is during the 15 days prior to boarding.

d. In the event that the skipper determines that the weather conditions jeopardize the safety of the passengers, and if no agreement is reached between kamariBlueRide and the client to find an alternative date, the contract will be cancelled and the lessor will return to the lessee the amounts paid up to that moment minus a 10% handling fee.

e. It will not be a reason for cancellation if the day of the charter is cloudy.


5. Authority of the skipper. Behavior of passengers and lessee.

a. At all times the lessee and the other passengers shall be subject in their behavior to the safety measures and guidelines on the use of the boat and its facilities that the skipper will convey to them.


b. Likewise, the lessee and the other passengers are obliged to use the boat and its facilities correctly, respecting the rules of use of the same, as well as those of a peaceful coexistence on board.

c. Under no circumstances may the lessee or the other passengers carry out any activity on board that is annoying, unhealthy or contrary to the law or public order.

d. Any behavior on the part of the lessee or other passengers that does not comply with the law or with the provisions of this clause shall entitle the lessor to terminate the contract in advance, without the lessee being entitled to a refund of any amount previously paid, and both the lessee and the rest of the passengers may be disembarked at the nearest port or anchorage at the discretion of the skipper. In the latter case, the luggage, belongings and other personal objects of the lessee and the passengers shall also be disembarked.


6. Responsibility of the lessor and the skipper.

Neither the lessor nor the skipper shall be liable for the loss, misplacement or damage of the luggage, belongings or belongings of the lessee or of the other passengers, nor for the bodily injury, sequels, illness or death that the lessee or any of the passengers may suffer during their stay on board.


7. Maximum number of passengers.

No person who is not a party to this contract and who does not appear on the passenger list may board the vessel and in no case may the total number of passengers exceed that indicated in the certificate of navigability according to the navigation area.

Pets are prohibited on board.

Children over 1 year of age shall be considered as passengers for all purposes.


In all matters not provided for in this contract shall be governed by the provisions of the civil code. The parties agree to submit any dispute that may arise between them by reason of this contract to the jurisdiction of the courts of Greece, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction.


There is a 3% transaction fee for any payments made with Visa or Mastercard.

Cash: Euro (EUR)

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