Taking a holistic approach to outdoor experiences, Kamari Blue Ride combines cruising, diving, paddling, healing and biking opportunities for fitness, recreation, education, meditation, and fun! As an integrated provider of water and land activities, our core mission is to offer an environmentally conscious way of exploring Chios’ beach culture and hidden treasures with the guidance of a true native.

Driven by his love affair with his homeland, Kamari Blue Ride’s founder Spyros Kouskousakis extends his expertise in the local tourism scene to create something unique for his community and visitors alike. Kamari Blue Ride reflects our passion for nature, sports, and wellness. We also like to keep a family-oriented mindset by offering activities available to all ages, while wishing to impart a healthy lifestyle to the next generation.

As a one-stop shop for exploration, relaxation, and enlightenment, Kamari Blue Ride aims to reshape the way people can discover the unseen side of Chios. Based in Agia Fotini beach, our home garden doubles as our headquarters, and our door is always open if you want to drop by, say hi and start exploring.


At Kamari Blue Ride, we value sustainability, community building and positive impact.

Conscious of the many challenges our planet is currently facing, the responsibility of the tourism industry and the rapid changes in travel today, we are passionate about regenerative practices and ecotourism. We approach things holistically and seek to offer experiences that are both purposeful and fun, in a way that’s also beneficial to the environment. Beyond our activities, we hope to enable transformation. We wish for visitors to have a life-affirming experience, do a digital detox, slow down, feel connected to nature, learn about the island’s distinctive environment, interact with the local community, broaden their horizons, and take it all.

Every member of our team is originally from Chios, and they all bring their valuable knowledge and expertise to the table. At Kamari Blue Ride, we cherish our community and want to be able to grow and expand our educational aspect. Our dreams for the future include a SUP Academy for children to get acquainted with the soon-to-be Olympic sport and adding hiking to the menu.


In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach,
in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.

Rachel Carson

As we cross the earth, we have a responsibility to help build a better and brighter future. In Kamari Blue Ride, we are committed to preserving the beauty and protecting the ecosystem of our oceans by leading an expanded beach clean-up project. Prior to the official launch of the summer season, we put our infrastructure, equipment and ourselves at the service of our seas to collect debris off the beaches of Agia Fotini, Kalikatsou, Monolia and Avlonia, followed by a subaquatic cleaning of Ai Yiannis cove which is adjacent to our home, Agia Fotini beach.

By implementing this and other similar initiatives, we want to actively contribute in the regeneration of the marine habitat, nurture sea-conscious minds and foster change. Our goal is to get more people involved, reach farther and be able to positively impact even more beaches in the future.